Server Early Warning System

Easy server monitoring

Monitor your server for anomalies and get alerts instantly.

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1. We install our software

The data collector uses minimal system resources and transmits all the data we need.

2. Log in to the dashboard

The monitoring dashboard is accessible at any time, supporting both desktop and mobile.

3. Sit back and relax

You will receive alerts when something needs attending to.

Keep an eye on your key metrics

With CPU, RAM and disk usage recorded alongside web server performance statistics, you'll get a good overview of your system.


Get alerts when anomalies happen

Our alerting system gives email, Telegram and SMS notifications.

Our Pricing Plans


$599 / month
  • Up to 50 servers
  • Priority email support


$399 / month
  • Up to 10 servers
  • Email support


$99 / month
  • Up to 1 server
  • Monthly software updates
  • Email support

More than 50 servers? Contact us for a quote.

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Frequently asked questions

Send us a message if your question isn't listed. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Is my data still secure?

SEWS only collects the boring system statistics. We do not download any of your data. We may parse application logs, such as those given by Nginx & PHP, in order to deliver more insight.

Can't I just set this up myself?

Yes. We use a range of freely-available open source technologies to power the service, but it would require you to set up even more servers and software. Instead of wasting time on that, leave it to us.